Insurance Services

Claim Servicing requires a professional approach and in the absence of which the insured people are deprived of the real customer service and insurance industry receives bad name. At Swan we understand the importance of getting commercial insurance claims service right. When a loss occurs, having the relevant expertise and support can be crucial. We will help you through every stage of the claims process and assist you when things go wrong. In the event of a large or complex loss, we will: Support and guide you through the claim presentation, negotiation and settlement process Attend meetings with you to review and analyse loss information and agree on strategies Take full advantage of our established relationships and negotiation skills to allow constructive communication on difficult claim issues Introduce other internal or external specialist suppliers of claims and legal services for specific tasks

Risk Identification Since the future events are not certain, they pose problem to the business in determining the future cost till such uncertain events happens. The first problem for management is one of information. They need to know about the probability of the event occurring and its cost to the firm, if it occurs. The various type of losses the modern business is prone to are: •Property •Liability •Personal •Financial •Business Interruption We do help in preparing Risk Identification Report which helps in proper assessment of risk through site visit, Interaction with onsite team, information collection, industry safety standards, general trade practices.

Insurance Audit “Why the Insurance Companies do not pay claims?” Among various other points one of the important point is that most of the policies issued are confusing and consist of various legal terms, conditions and warranties for which the insured has no time to understand and/or read and/or not aware of such anomalies due to fine print in the policies. Thus at the time of the claim the insured are caught unaware -¬ resulting in either denial of the claim or at the reduced settlement. We therefore propose to audit and examine your insurance portfolio without obligation and will draw your attention to harmful anomalies and will suggest ways and means for improved policy wordings and terms. We also examine, in the Present context to find whether you could insure the same risks at the reduced rates, resulting in substantial savings in the Premium.