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No matter how old you are, it is important to pay into a pension plan. When you are young, you may not even think of retiring or of getting older and may not realize the importance of this aspect of financial planning.

Your pension may be your sole income when you get older and therefore should be a priority in your younger years. If the company you work for does not have a pension plan, then you should start investing on your own so that you do have an income to fall back on.

It is important to have a pension so that when you reach the age of retirement you will have enough money coming in each month to cover the cost of your bills and allow you to live comfortable.

You want to spend time with your family and have money enough to travel if you wish.

Although you will get a state pension, this is not enough to keep you in your usual lifestyle and will only cover your basic needs.

You should review your pension plan on a regular basis to make sure that it is growing at a reasonable rate. Waiting until your retire may be too late as you may find that you won’t get as much money in your pension as you expected.

Once you start contributing to a personal or stakeholder pension plan, you don’t have to worry about losing your money. All the funds are held in trust for you until you reach retirement age. You can choose to receive your pension as a monthly income or you can choose a lump sum payment.

We can help you make the right choices and help you decide how much money you should invest in your pension each year.


As with all individuals, investments form an integral part of financial planning; most importantly, the need for financial independence for today's woman, investments have a role to play therein as well.

Apart from working women, homemakers too should take to investing. They can save from the monthly allowance they get to run the house. Not only will this enable them to plan better for the family's future but the savings will also prove to be handy on a rainy day.

After all, women are considered to be better savers than men!